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Naturally delicious granola, sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

Here’s a list of the simple ingredients used in our two launch flavours.

Individually they are all great with their own benefits but together they ensure our granola passes our ‘foodgasm’ test….

Whole Grains 

It all starts with The Base

Gluten Free Jumbo Oats* - The most classic base and one we find hard to stray away from. High in fibre and protein they're a perfect way to start the day. With a very low Glycaemic Index, they are slowly absorbed into our blood stream giving us a slow gradual release of energy and help keep our blood sugar levels stable as well as keeping us fuller for longer. 

Quinoa Flakes* a.k.a the Supergrain- Quinoa is high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin E to name a few…It’s also packed with protein and gives the crunchiest texture to our Maple’n’Pecan. 


Almonds* and Pecans -Full of good fats. We just love them.


Pumpkin seeds*, Flaxseed/Linseed* - full of goodness, including fibre which keeps things moving :)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil* - One of the best oils in our view and a nod to founder Alexia’s Mediterranean heritage. Helps our Cardamom Spice become one the most moreish granolas you will ever try…

Natural Sweeteners

Coconut sugar* - low glycemic 

Maple syrup* - rich in antioxidants 

Together these natural and unrefined sweeteners add an incredible depth of flavour to our granola that truly takes things to the next level.


Cardamom, Cinnamon - so warming and another way to flavour our granola naturally. 

Magic Touches

Pure Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla extract* and Sea Salt- Completely pure and natural, our granola wouldn't pass the ‘Foodgasm’ test without them…

*Denotes organic ingredient

Cardamom Spice

A moreish granola made with jumbo oats, extra virgin olive oil and bursting with notes of cinnamon and cardamon. The ultimate warming spiced blend. 


Gluten free jumbo oats* (50%), Flaked & Chopped Almonds*, Maple Syrup*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (11%), Coconut Sugar*, Golden Linseed*, Cinnamon (0.8%), Cardamom (0.7%), Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla*, Sea Salt. *Organic ingredient

Maple 'N' Pecan

An exquisite granola made with a combination of jumbo oats, quinoa flakes, hints of maple syrup, smooth pecans and a pinch of sea salt. Salty sweet perfection.


Wholegrains* (50%) [Gluten free Jumbo Oats* (40%) and Quinoa Flakes* (10%)], Coconut Sugar*, Chopped Almonds*, Pecan Nuts (10%), Flame Raisins (Raisins, Sunflower Oil), Maple Syrup* (7.9%), Filtered Water, Pumpkin Seeds*, Flaxseeds*, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla*, Sea Salt (0.5%), Cinnamon. *Organic ingredient