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Naturally delicious granola, sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar.


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alexia kazolides

Whilst more-so known as something you eat for breakfast, granola can be eaten at all times of the day and in so many different ways. Sometimes simple, sometimes fancy and sometimes ridiculously indulgent…here’s a few ideas on how to spruce up your granola…

Pancakes - Oh yes…..amazing. American pancakes, maple syrup and our Cardamom Spice Granola, because why not?

Sprinkled on rye/banana bread—- WARNING. Addictive… spread with nut butter and topped with granola.  Here we have freshly baked buckwheat banana bread, almond butter and our Maple’n’Pecan. 

Sprinkled on porridge—- Try slow cooked jumbo oats sprinkled with our Cardamom Spice Granola and a dollop of salted caramel tahini.

Parfait it-  Layer granola with fresh fruit and yoghurt or bircher. Here you can see the Maple’n’Pecan teamed with blueberry compote and the Cardamom Spice with fresh raspberries.